True Lies (SNES)

Pub: LJN | Dev: Beam Software | February 1995 | 16 MEGS
Pub: LJN | Dev: Beam Software | February 1995 | 16 MEGS

Movie tie-ins were often considered bad back in the ’90s. It always seemed that the developers banked more on the licensing and name value than they did on the actual mechanics of the game. But every once in a while you get a bit of a gem. A diamond in the rough if you will. True Lies is one such example. Not only does it make excellent usage of its intellectual property, but it stands up well on its own even if you were to strip away the name value and likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thirsting for a fun violent overhead shooter? True Lies may be the sleeper hit you’ve been looking for. Let’s dive in…


The Mask wasn't the only film we saw on July 30, 1994...
The Mask wasn’t the only film we saw on July 30, 1994


My friends and I remained in our seats as the end credits to The Mask rolled. The usual “So, what did you think?” question made its way down the row in the midst of strangers stepping around us to exit the theater. Ben, the oldest in the group, had a devious look on his face when the question found its way to him. Our group didn’t have a leader, per se, but as the oldest, Ben held ringleader status among a few other alpha males (namely Tommy and the guy we affectionately referred to as Sushi-X). Ben was also a kid at heart. He was the first in the group to get his driver’s license and he was always a rebel. I stared at his grinning mug a couple seats over. The twinkle in his eye suggested he was up to no good. “I really liked it. Know what else I’d really like? To watch True Lies right now…”

Time to double down...
Time to double down…

Being a young innocent and naive kid, I thought Ben meant go pay for a second ticket. But as we walked out of the theater I noticed my group heading toward the auditorium with the marquee headlined by True Lies, rather than the ticket entrance. Holy crap, Ben wanted to pull off a grand heist (through 10 year old eyes it felt like a big crime anyhow)! My heart was racing and my palms felt like the bottom of a jet ski skipping across the ocean. As fate would have it, this next showing of True Lies was set to start right after The Mask. Was it a sign? Was it meant to be? I just knew they were my ride home, so I had little say in the matter. Ben, leading the charge, approached the double doors and looked back at us to steal a glance. He gave us a hearty nod with a devil-may-care smile. He swung the doors open and we followed him in like lemmings committing a heinous group crime in the still of the night…


As we shuffled our way through and up to the top, I remember fearing for my life that our cover would be blown. Movie hopping was something I’d seen happen on TV sitcoms growing up. I never knew of anyone in real life who ever actually did it. It was almost like an urban myth to me as a kid. Anyone who dares to try sneaking into a movie for free was going to be caught red-handed, kicked out and banned from movie theaters for life. A mugshot would be plastered all over the country at all local theaters, denying you admittance from all future flicks. A little over dramatic but hey, I was 10! We grabbed our seats as the lights began to dim. I remember glancing out at the sea of humanity below me thinking how many others had sneaked in here free from The Mask? And how many of us were going to get caught? As the first trailer played, I could only imagine the worst…

Ben looked possessed. This clearly wasn't his first rodeo
Ben looked crazed. This clearly wasn’t his first rodeo

“Come on everyone, the coast is clear. Let’s go!”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this! I mean this is crazy!”

“SHUT UP! Keep it down over there. Act like you’ve done this before.”

Ben was only 17 but he was like a seasoned vet...
Ben was only 17 but he was like a seasoned vet…

“I dunno, Ben. I kinda have a bad feeling about this…”

“Ah you wussbag. Grow some balls, will ya. Ain’t no one gonna catch us… not if you just play it cool.”


“I dunno about this either…”

“Will you guys zip it, huh? This is a fool proof plan so just follow my lead.”

No one, huh?
No one, huh?

That sure didn’t look like NO ONE to me, Ben.

At least, that’s how I envisioned it playing out as I sat there with the trailers blaring at my face in heavenly surround sound.

Luckily, we made it safely to our seats without incident… for now, anyhow…


Any slight movement to and from the door had me squirming in my seat. I struggled to pay any attention to the trailers. My eyes kept darting over the room looking out for any ushers who might come crush us for the sins of our youth.

Ben was nuts, but the big lug never did let me down
Ben was nuts, but the big lug never did let me down

After a few minutes went by and we were in the clear, for the moment at least, I stole a glance at Ben. Son of a bitch was kicking back like he was at home in his PJs. But I had to admire the bastard. At just 17 years old he had a carefree and magnetic aura that I couldn’t help but admire. Ben was a kid at heart if I ever saw one.


It wasn’t long before the movie began. No usher ever came to rebuke us. We had a wonderful time watching True Lies. While I don’t advocate or promote movie hopping (because it’s morally wrong), this remains a fond memory of the fun times I had running with my game crew back in the day.

Ben approves this message
Ben approves this message
And hey, who didn't have fun watching this? ;)
And hey, who didn’t have fun watching this? ;)


Aziz spearheads a terrorist group known as Crimson Jihad
Aziz spearheads the terrorist group Crimson Jihad
Arnold plays Harry Tasker, tasked to foil Aziz's plans
Arnold plays Harry Tasker, tasked to foil Aziz’s plans
Arnold almost died on set riding this horse!
Arnold almost died on set riding this horse!
One of the film's best scenes!
One of the film’s best scenes!
Out of room but NOT out of resources...
Out of room but NOT out of resources…
Holy shit...
Holy shit…
True Lies was a good return to form for Arnold
True Lies was a good return to form for Arnold

“What da hell were ya thinkin’?  I mean, I had the guy, and you let him get away.”





You start out with a standard 15-clip hand gun. The bad news? It’s sort of weak and after every 15th shot you must reload, leaving you vulnerable for a precious second. The good news? Unlimited ammo. ProTip: when it’s safe, fire off all your shots once you get down to five or so. The last thing you want is to have to reload during a crucial moment. Therefore, ALWAYS keep it fully stocked.


Now we’re talking! The Uzi is like the hand gun except it spits out bullets like no tomorrow. In addition, you automatically lock yourself in whichever direction you are firing. The Uzi also allows you to turn at unique angles, giving you the possibility of sniping scumbags from a position where, with any other gun, you wouldn’t be able to. It’s definitely handy for clearing a room full of bad guys. Just too bad it eats up a ton of ammo quickly.


The shotgun fires a powerful spread shot that fires five shots. But just like in Doom, if you clip someone rather than blast them straight on, the power is greatly reduced. It’s also slow to load so make sure each shot counts. It’s annoying though that the bullets only travel a certain length before disappearing. Still, it’s a blast to pump terrorists full of lead point blank!


The flamethrower is the most powerful weapon. It instantly eviscerates upon contact. Like the Uzi, firing this locks you in position and you can turn to fry anyone within your vicinity. Also like the Uzi it eats up ammo faster than a sumbitch.






The land mine is the perfect weapon to lure victims in. Unfortunately once you set it down there’s a three second delay for the mine to activate, so it’s no good if you are near your enemy. But if you see him coming from afar, the land mine can be a true game changer.

I love all of the weapons for different reasons, but the grenade just might be my favorite. Let’s see why below…






Toss a grenade at the punk on the lower left
Toss a grenade at the punk on the lower left












Gotta love how Beam Software strategically placed that small table there. It’s ripe for bouncing one over…

















Somersault to victory — if you press the shoot button right after rolling, Arnold will get up on one knee and start firing. Used correctly, this technique can provide a huge boost.














Albeit a bit pixelated, these lovely photos had a strikingly realistic look.




"Sorry, please forgive me!"
“Sorry, please forgive me!”
Kill three and it's game over
Kill three? Game over
Use the nifty lock button to hold down your position
Use the nifty lock button to hold down your position
Wait for him to reload...
Wait for him to reload…
Then make your move!
Then make your move!

How you use corners and walls to your advantage can make the difference between victory and death. Strategic positioning is pivotal!






[I prefer Kay Bee Terrorists, myself -Ed.]
[I prefer Kay Bee Terrorists, myself -Ed.]
"FREEZE!" *guy looks at watch*
“FREEZE!”  *guy looks at watch*
"Damn I almost shot yo ass!"
“Damn near shot yo ass!”
Somewhere Zack Morris is smiling
Somewhere Zack Morris is smiling

[Jeez this pic is as big as Zack's phone -Ed.]
[Jeez this pic is as big as Zack’s phone -Ed.]


"STUPID idiots!" -Chris Jericho
Proof that mobile phones will be the death of us


Deals are so good people are DYING to shop here. Sorry
Deals so good people are DYING to shop here. Sorry
Looks like he took it a bit too literally...
Looks like he took it a bit too literally…
The restroom scene from the movie is awesome
The restroom scene from the movie is awesome
ProTip: He's the last guy you wanna piss off...
ProTip: He’s the last guy you wanna piss off…
See a guy take a leak with his shades on? F*CKIN' RUN
See a guy peeing with his shades on? F*CKING RUN


An action scene of Schwarzeneggerian proportions!
An action scene of Schwarzeneggerian proportions!


Beam even replicated the restroom tiles to a tee. Nice!
Beam even replicated the restroom tiles to a tee!


Love the bullet holes
Love the bullet holes
Arnold doesn't give a shit about your shit
“My, what did you have for lunch?”




"Sorry to crash your meet up group like this..."
“Sorry to crash your meet up group like this!”

I love the little details in games. About halfway through the park you run into a group of training martial artists. As you pass you can actually hear their grunts of “HOO!” “HA!” “HEE!” It’s pretty dang awesome. These guys are harmless so don’t shoot them, but the bad guys sure can. It’s too bad a movie starring both Arnold and Bruce Lee was never meant to be.

They never flinch, just like Donnie Yen in Rogue One
They never flinch, just like Donnie Yen in Rogue One





The bad news? This level is as hard as a brick
The bad news? This level is as hard as a brick
The sheer violence is disturbingly satisfying...
The sheer violence is disturbingly satisfying…
But maybe not this time
But maybe not this time
"I got your five dollar foot long right here, BISHES!"
“I got your five dollar foot long right here, BISHES!”
Too close for comfort!
Too close for comfort!

Trains whiz by, giving you barely just enough time to reach each alcove.


"Don't worry guys, I got him!"
“Don’t worry guys — I got him!”

Notice how his grenade is poorly aimed and how it bounces off the side of the train…


The computer’s wild, random and unpredictable AI makes playing True Lies a blast, pardon the pun. You never know when they accidentally commit genocide on themselves…

I cringe everytime Arnold goes out this way... OUCH
I cringe everytime Arnold goes out this way… OUCH


Hard to explain but it's got a cool "8-bit NES 1990" vibe
Hard to explain but it’s got a cool 1990 8-bit NES vibe


All ambiance here. No music, only crashing waves. Nice
All ambiance here. No music, only crashing waves…
"You shoot, I shoot, remember?"
“You shoot, I shoot, remember?”












GOTDAMN! True Lies is without a shadow of a doubt Arnold-approved.


Fry his ass from a safe angle
Fry his ass from a safe angle
Or better yet, be a certified G(renade)
Or better yet, toss a grenade…
It's true. Good luck...
It’s true. Good luck…




Guy on the left took it to heart, apparently
Guy on the left took it to heart, apparently








“DIDN’T I JUST KILL YOU!?! AHH!!” Rock-It-Ralph gets the last laugh.

You could jump it, sure, but it's not nearly as fun ;)
You could jump it, sure, but it’s not nearly as fun ;)








Believe it or not, he’s even deadlier than Rock-It-Ralph. Mainly because this bastard actually moves. Better say your prayers…




Explore! Or pay a steep price
Explore! Or you just might pay a steep price
True Lies is one of the hardest SNES games ever
True Lies is one of the hardest SNES games ever

Imagine wading through this hellhole. Rockets are screaming past you in tight quarters while gun slinging flunkies set their sights on you. Now imagine having to backtrack through this after discovering you’d forgotten to locate a key. No worst feeling in this game.

Mercifully there’s no respawning. Killed enemies stay dead. In some cases you’ll find yourself not killing but sneaking by best as you can. Keep in mind that enemies not killed will have to be dealt with if you need to backtrack.




Nice to see the DOOM barrels make a cameo
Nice to see the DOOM barrels make a cameo








Look familiar? It's plucked right out of the movie
Look familiar? It’s plucked right out of the movie
A young Eliza Dushku hangs precariously in the air
A young Eliza Dushku hangs precariously in the air
Uh, it's a harrier. "GET TO DA CHOPPA!!" Nevermind
Uhh, it’s a harrier. “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” Ah forget it
Arnold had some of the best one liners in history
Arnold had some of the best one liners in history

Sorry Art Malik. I agree with Arnold [You're one to talk -Ed.]
Sorry Art Malik, I have to agree [You’re one to talk -Ed.]
I got TWO words for ya... [SUCK IT!!! Sorry, it's Pavlovian... -Ed.]
“I got TWO words for ya…”  [SUCK IT?!? -Ed.]











Some games are rock hard. Others are near impossible. And then, there’s True Lies. While the first two or three levels start out fairly manageable, it isn’t long before the curve spikes and you find yourself dying over and over again. Now normally I’m not the biggest proponent of using cheat codes, but when a game is maddeningly difficult I’m not against evening up the odds a bit. For example, BGWPNS (big weapons) allows you to start with all weapons (but not infinite ammo). That’s reasonably fair. Another code gives you invincibility which isn’t fair but good for when you just want to blow shit up. Amusingly enough, to enable this God mode you have to input the command BGGRLY. Yes, BIG GIRLY. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers!

The stages are so long they have to be split up!
The stages are so long they have to be split up!

Level select codes have always been my favorite. It really increases the longevity of games lacking a save feature. Sometimes I want to jump to a certain part of a game, beat just that part and call it a night. It’s handy for those moments when you just wanna play for 15 minutes before bed.




The game earned respectable scores. EGM gave it ratings of 8, 7, 7 and 6.5. GameFan rated it 79, 73 and 70%. Super Play Magazine scored it 74%. They agreed that True Lies is one of the better movie game efforts but two glaring flaws hold it back from being a great title. The music and gun sound effects are a bit weak. The other flaw is its extreme difficulty. As for the film, it was a success for the most part. It was the first movie in history to boast a budget of over 100 million and it raked in 378 million worldwide. Critics and fans alike enjoyed its mix of action and comedy, with bits of romance sprinkled in for good measure. Jamie Lee Curtis won the Golden Globe Award for best actress. Damn, who could forget that infamous strip scene? Steamy stuff! True Lies also marked a strong comeback for Arnold who starred in the flop Last Action Hero the summer prior. It’s interesting to note that this was James Cameron’s baby in-between T2: Judgment Day and Titantic. Ah, the days when Cameron ruled the cinematic world, eh?

Still waiting on the sequel: FALSE TRUTHS
Still waiting on the sequel: FALSE TRUTHS



Movie game adaptations in the ’90s were often times more miss than hit. True Lies, for the most part, is a hit. The action comes at you fast and furious, yet during the calm before the storm you have to be methodical and strategic. It’s a combo that works well, rewarding flexible players who excel in scrums and who show an affinity for meticulous planning and precision. Many of the game’s stages are scenes plucked straight out of the movie, and the ones that are re-imagined add a rather nice bit of environmental diversity. All of the classic locales are present such as public parks, decrepit catacombs and even a dour refinery. But it also has some unique settings you just don’t see often, such as the local mall and a stage that takes place on the loading dock. This results in giving the game a nice breadth and makes each new level something to look forward to. Visuals are solid and the blood, though cartoony, add an extra sense of brutality. The music loops unfortunately and is certainly not a shining point of the game. The guns don’t sound all that realistic, either. Small gripes though, really.


What really makes True Lies stand out is its sheer, unadulterated violence. It’s loud. It’s brash. It’s grisly. Grenades send victims sprawling 10 feet in the air as blood spills and bodies singe. It’s a great game to pop in after a tough day at work, as few things satisfy like wasting bastards point blank via shotgun, followed by roasting someone alive. On the downside, it’s way too difficult. The levels are long and can take 15-25 minutes to complete, which has its pros and cons. The later levels are maze-like which contribute to the time it takes to beat them. Some levels have you fetching items which impedes the shooting mayhem. Enemies always seem to know where you are, even if they can’t see you. The lock button helps but a quick 180° turn option would have helped even more.


Angling your shots and positioning yourself properly is absolutely key. But even if you do all that, it will STILL eat you up and spit you out. Thank goodness then for codes that give you more of a fighting chance. Despite its flaws, there aren’t too many titles comparable to True Lies on the Super Nintendo. It’s worthy of the Arnold name, providing wanton destruction the likes of which few others can match. It’s one of my pet favorites and although the game has received its fair share of “under the radar” props, I still love singing its praises whenever I can. It’s one of the best movie tie-in games on the SNES!

Graphics: 8
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 8
Longevity: 7

AwardsOverall: 8.0
Silver Award


Mowing down terrorists in a public restroom? Priceless
Blasting terrorists in a public restroom? Priceless
"Next time you should really listen to me. I said I needed to pee"
“Next time you should listen to me. I said I need to pee!”

Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)

Pub: Konami | Dev: Konami | April 1992 | 8 MEGS
Pub: Konami | Dev: Konami | April 1992 | 8 MEGS

In the dying days of the 8-bit Nintendo, the SNES hype train was roaring along faster than even the Shinkansen. Not just by the months and weeks but seemingly by the days and hours. And every Nintendo geek had their own specific game they wanted to see through the wonders of 16-bit. Mario, Zelda, Gradius, Metroid, Castlevania, Mega Man, the list goes on and on. But for yours truly, and many others, Contra was right at the top of that highly esteemed list.

Commando wannabe geeks everywhere in the good ol’ US of A saw their wish come true when Contra III: The Alien Wars was unleashed in April of ’92. Yet ironically, it took me nearly FIFTEEN years later until I could finally call it my own. My SNES rebirth in January 2006 wasn’t merely a resurrection, it was also a chance at gaming redemption.


NES Contra ruled my world in 1988
NES Contra ruled my world in 1988

While many kids grew up on Mario in the mid-late 1980s, and don’t get me wrong — I liked the Italian plumber too, it was really Konami’s CONTRA that cemented me as a video game fan for life. There’s something about being a machine gun strapped soldier blasting alien chunks set over highly atmospheric levels with some of the most memorable video game bosses of all time. Perhaps the best thing about it: you could do it with a buddy. My brother Kevin and I fell in love with Contra when we discovered it at a rental store in 1988. Uncle Jimmy, who then recently moved in, also fell prey to the wonders of this game. I can recall many nights where the three of us rotated turns per level with aid of the infamous Konami “30 MEN” code. A part of me can’t believe it’s almost been 30 years since the three of us stayed up late huddled around the small Sony TV, taking turns saving the universe. Contra was an awesome two-player game. This is not a case of looking back with rose tinted glasses — the 8-bit NES conversion still stands up remarkably well to this day, even nearly 30 years after its release.

In the jungle the lion sleeps... TO-NIGHT [... -Ed.]
In the jungle the lion sleeps… TO-NIGHT [… -Ed.]
From the very first level, that memorable jungle romp, you knew you were in for some kind of treat. Contra conjured quite the intense atmosphere that very few others could. And it paved the way for future run and gun greats like Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes. It did a lot for gaming, and richly deserves its lofty spot in gaming history. Thank you, Konami, you bastards.

Contra spoke to boys in the '80s like none other
There was no other NES game quite like it

Though ironically, as much as we loved beating the game over and over, Uncle Jimmy never did buy it for us. We rented it several times and a close friend of ours loaned us his copy in exchange of Legendary Wings — a fair trade if there ever was one… ;)

So perhaps it’s fitting I never owned Contra III back in the day either. I never played it extensively until 2008. My old friend Tommy had a copy that I’d play here and there back in ’92 but mostly I would watch our mutual friends Brian and Bryce play. So yeah, it’s a bit strange that I didn’t jump at Contra III back then despite it being at the top of my most wanted list. I guess one reason why — Uncle Jimmy moved out in the spring of ’92 when his wife was pregnant for the second time… the same time Contra III came out — maybe I thought it just wouldn’t be the same without him by our side hooting, hollering and having a good old time. Whatever the reasons were, in October 2008 I decided it was time to finally right a 16 year wrong…



“Here we are again bro… just you and me. Same kind of moon, same kind of jungle…”


“Real number 10 remember… whole platoon, 32 men chopped into meat… we walk out just you and me, nobody else. Right on top huh? Not a scratch… not a fuckin’ scratch. You know whoever got you, they’ll come back again. And when he does I’m gonna cut your name right into him.”


"Roger one, we got that, OVER"
“Roger one, we got that, OVER”

The year was 1987. In an undisclosed location in Central America, a special task force was called in to take care of mysterious enemies that hid in the dense and dark jungle. The soldiers assumed it was yet another typical mission but tragically, it was anything but.

No training could have prepared them for this
No training could have prepared them for this

The band of soldiers searched the jungle but found no traces of the enemy, only the bones of the unlucky. At nightfall they split up in several mini-camps, keeping guard. As the men huddled around, an ominous chill filled the raw night air. A soldier’s sixth sense is well developed, and one in particular, Bill Rizer, knew something big was about to go down. His long time partner, Lance Bean, watched as the full moon continue its steady climb in the sky. At its zenith, the bloodshed began.

They were outnumbered, outgunned and outmatched
They were outnumbered. Outgunned. Outmatched

The soldiers were savagely attacked. All order and control went right out the window as many fled for their very lives. The vile creatures knew the jungle inside and out. The men were mice trapped in a snake’s cage. One by one, they were picked off by this invisible threat. The soldiers who did steal a glance saw a sight far too horrible for words.


Gunfire and screams of terror filled the jungle. The enemy was too fast, too smart and too cunning for the men to overcome. Those who stood their ground and fought head on were ripped apart, those who fled were gunned down and those who hid were hunted and swiftly destroyed.

This alien force was too much to handle
This alien force was too much to handle

The men were fighting against an enemy not of this earth. It attacked with an unrelenting fury. This force, this thing that lived inside of them came from a source too VIOLENT, too DEADLY for you to imagine. It grew inside them — contaminating their souls. And now these alien invaders have come to Earth… to kill.

But miraculously, two strong soldiers not only survived the menace — they destroyed it! These two elite soldiers were named…

Bill Rizer code named Mad Dog
Bill Rizer code named Mad Dog
And Lance Bean AKA Scorpion
And Lance Bean AKA Scorpion






"MY GOD..."
The blast was so great that even the men, flying in from several cities over, could see it
The blast could be seen from miles and miles away



This became known as the Alien Wars
This became known as THE ALIEN WARS

“Jesus Christ…”

“Jesus ain’t got nothing to do with this.”

“And we’re supposed to somehow KILL THAT?!”

“If it bleeds, we can kill it. No sweat.”

“I see you sweatin’ from over here!”




The final war is at hand… WINNER KEEPS ALL!


And you sure need a whole lot of it! Thankfully, now even your default gun is on auto-fire. Some old favorites, like the classic spread gun returns, along with some new updated weapons thanks to the advent of the 1990s (or the 27th century, I suppose). You also have one powerful M-80,000 Helio Bomb per life to blow the aliens to Kingdom Come!


As mentioned above, at least your standard issue rifle is now automatic. It’ll get the job done in a pinch but you definitely want to make an upgrade soon. The laser cannon packs quite a wallop but it’s pretty damn slow.


Glad to see the spread gun back, but in my view it was much better in the NES game. The homing missiles definitely come in handy, though weak compared to others.


This is quite a powerful weapon, especially when you have it in both hands.


The flame thrower is very useful against certain enemies, and it earns cookie points for looking so damn cool.





You now have the ability to carry two different weapons at once! Plus, when you hold L and R, fire the trigger button to shoot both weapons at once like a mad man.



Where were you back in 1992? Do you remember the first time you fired this game up and anticipated the 16-bit wonders ahead? This stage set the stage!



... but I got some alien chunks to blow!"
… but I got some alien chunks to blow!”
The car explosions never get old
The car explosions never get old
I love being able to carry two guns at once
I love being able to carry two guns at once

Weapon Wings appear high in the sky just like in the original and must be shot down. You can switch to your other gun, nab that spread shot and have that as your second gun. When you feel like you might die, switch to the less effective gun. That way, when you come back, you still have the good one. Nice! And here we see the smart bomb in its first phase of action. Players get one smart bomb per life. Unfortunately for you, they do not serve as invincible barriers so even a momentary lapse in attention can prove fatal. Smart bombs expand in a massive destructive arc and are best saved for the humongous bosses. The closer you are when you unleash this devastating force the better, as the victim will receive more damage from that extra bit of prolonged exposure.

They're like the turrets in the jungle from NES Contra
They’re like the turrets in the jungle from Contra

Watch out for these sucker guns bursting from out of the ground. And be sure to watch your back for incoming guards.


Enemies leap out of windows like a beat 'em up
Enemies leap out of windows like it’s a beat ‘em up


Explosions galore
Explosions galore
So much for man's best friend, eh?
So much for man’s best friend, eh?
Excellent head shot, soldier!
Excellent head shot, soldier!

Another advantage over the NES game is the ability to hold your ground while shooting in any of the eight directions. So now you can fire away anywhere you wish without having to worry about changing your position one iota! Gotta love that SNES controller ;)

Talk about a little fan service
Talk about a little fan service
600 years later and they still haven't patched that up!
600 years later and they still haven’t patched that up
One of the most iconic level one bosses ever
One of the most iconic level one bosses ever

Who could ever forget the very first classic boss from NES Contra? It was so huge that it blew my little five-year-old mind away back in ’88. Talk about one imposing structure! It was a lot easier to kill than it looked but it’s got to be one of the most memorable level one bosses of all time. From the lone red sniper up top to the funky looking gumballs it spewed out, and the cool looking hi-tech square cover at the base there, man, Konami knew HOW TO WORK IT.


And while it was a lot more intimidating in the original, it was still nice to see this base make a comeback. And since it’s not a boss, one can see why it’s a much smaller model than its big brother classic.

I love when companies acknowledge their prequels by resurrecting some of the more memorable baddies. It gives the sequel a certain touch of class and history.









Another satisfying explosion. Gotta love the flash flash. Simply classic stuff.



[Say a prayer, but let the good times roll.

In case God doesn’t shoooow…

And I want these words to make things right…

… but it’s the wrongs that make the words come to life.

“Who does he think he is?”

If that’s the worst you got, better put your fingers back to the keys!

One night, and ONE MORE TIME! Tanks for the memories, TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! Even though they weren’t so great… ahem, sorry… -Ed.]







Some Weapon Wings contain a Barrier Shield, which conveniently turns red as it’s about to expire. It doesn’t last very long so better get a move on it.

Some six-armed mutant freak? A three-eyed dragon?
Some six-armed mutant freak? A three-eyed dragon?
Well, that was a letdown
Well, that was a letdown

Nope, just a tank and a foot soldier reject. Kind of a wasted opportunity here at a really cool mid-boss but it’s all good. This guy’s OK and kind of a throwback to another Contra baddie…

A subtle nod to this vehicle?
A subtle nod to this vehicle?

Remember this heavy-duty tank rumbling toward ya in level five of NES Contra?

[How could I forget? It killed my guy every gawd damn time! -Ed.]


Some shades of that nightmare-inducing tank no? Too bad Jimbo doesn’t have his own tank here as well. That would have been too sick.

Difference is this tank was BRUTALLY HARD
Difference is this tank was BRUTALLY HARD
"Seriously bro, the TechnoDrome's THAT-A-WAY!!"
“Yo, the TechnoDrome is THAT-A-WAY!!”

Whereas this tank, not so much. It barely puts up a fight.

"Now what kind of idiot would say that?" -Arnold
“Now what kind of idiot would say that?” -Arnold


Well Jimbo, most gamers agree this was epic
Sorry Jimbo, but most gamers agree this was epic
See? We knew gaming had just LEVELED UP!
See? We all knew gaming had just LEVELED UP!
This ain't your Uncle Jimmy's Contra
This ain’t your Uncle Jimmy’s Contra
The Homing Gun works wonders here
The homing gun works well here
It was truly mind-blowing back in '92
It was truly mind-blowing back in 1992
Thank goodness for Jimbo's CrossFit training
Thank goodness for Jimbo’s CrossFit training
Crazy that this is still only the first level
Crazy that this is still only the first level
The anticipation mounts to a fever pitch
The anticipation mounts to a fever pitch

At last you reach the end section. You knew it was boss time. You just didn’t know who or WHAT. But knowing Konami, you knew it was gonna be good…


"WHAT THE -- !"
“WHAT THE — !”
One of the best looking level one bosses ever
One of the best looking level 1 bosses ever

Konami, never one to disappoint, certainly didn’t here. It’s the giant mutant turtle monster BEAST KIMKOH! Man, I thought the first boss from NES Contra was impressive. This guy is a true terror in every sense, especially in how realistically it seemed to twitch and pulsate.

Er, at least I think it's a he [You check -Ed.]
Er, at least I think it’s a he… [You check -Ed.]
Watch out for that horrible long neck of his. He also emits blue bullets from God only knows where…

[I'm gonna tell Kimkoh you said that -Ed.]
[I’m gonna tell Kimkoh you said that -Ed.]
Gotta love the mutant maggots
Gotta love the mutant maggots
When he's pissed like such, make sure you take the top platform
When he’s pissed, get to the top platform
Good call, Jimbo
Good call, Jimbo

That way you can avoid both his fire breath blast and his bullets. But on the ground? You’d be screwed because it cancels out the option of jumping. You develop lifesaving strategies as you go along and learn the finer points of the game. Good stuff.

Oh quit being dramatic
Oh quit being a drama queen

Beast Kimkoh was such a memorable design. The way it pulsated and squirmed left a lasting impression, and pumped you up to see what horrors lay ahead…

John Woo would be so proud
John Woo would be so proud


[I once met a ho -- housewife -- named Maria Calderon... -Ed.]
[I knew a ho — housewife — named Maria Calderon… -Ed.]
With Neo City swept and cleared of all villains, it’s off to the Maria Calderon Highway. Now things are viewed from a top-down perspective. Your goal is to eliminate five Red Corporals hiding in domed manholes. All the while overgrown insects and mad guards hunt you down through this maze of elevated roadway and bridges.

Flashbacks of PlayStation Loaded, anyone?
Flashbacks of PlayStation Loaded, anyone?

Flamethrower should definitely be one of your two guns here if you can nab it.

I prefer 2 Player Mode B, personally
I prefer 2 Player Mode B, personally

When playing the 2 Player Mode A, you get a split screen for this overhead level. However, if you wish to play this stage in a single screen, select 2 Player Mode B. It’s the little things that help make a game (extra) special.

I like the overhead levels better than these ones
I like the overhead levels better than these ones

Level 2 in Contra III reminds me a bit of level 2 from NES Contra. It’s different from the traditional side scrolling stages. They are decent diversions to lend the game some variety. Interestingly enough, just as there were two of these “into the screen” levels, there’s two overhead levels in Contra III. Coincidence?

HINT: Each time it descends, the red spot rotates 90° from its last position. This mechanical spider-esque menace spins high above you before it comes crashing down. Keep moving to avoid being squashed like an ant.

The potent laser gun also works well against the Metallican
The potent laser gun also works well here

The flamethrower is a gem as it can reach the eye without being centered on; remember, it can go through objects to reach an enemy(‘s weak point)!

Shame on ya, Sully. Nowhere to be seen...
Shame on ya, Sully. Nowhere to be seen…







I remember seeing this damn stage every single freaking time I headed over to Tommy’s house back in ’92. I just love the atmosphere this stage brings. That dark smoggy sky, the brown depressing colors… playing this level particularly on a dark afternoon is rather surreal.






The evil forces of Red Falcon have taken over the last remaining functional steel factory in Neo City. The aliens use it as a landing pad for arriving allies. Be sure to equip yourself with a flamethrower — you’re gonna need it…






You see? These Gigaflies are toast. BURN BABY BURN!

With a bud you can cover both sides with a flamethrower
2 players can cover both sides with a flamethrower

Say hello to ole Chrome Dome, and I’m not talking about the villain from the Ninja Turtles. He’s a cinch with the flamethrower as you can reach him from there. Otherwise you gotta grab hold of his “arms” and shoot his red eye as you go around in circles. Once killed, he’ll flip his arms wildly in one last ditch effort to take you down to hell with him.


Far be it for Konami to let you have a nice and easy climb, no, another mid-boss terror comes right after you. Shoot down those missiles.



Sure, stand in the searchlight why don't cha!
Sure, stand in the searchlight why don’t cha!
"I like my wings nice and fried!"
“I like my wings nice and fried!”
Going in deep now...
Going in deep now…
That "lock" option is a game  changer
That “lock” option is a game changer

Running out of the pod, the wretched flock swoops down on our hero… like lambs to the slaughter!







Uh oh… glancing through the opening, you see clear as day what lies ahead. There’s no turning back now, Jimbo…

They're called BOB 1 and BOB 2. No joke
They’re called BOB 1 and BOB 2. No joke
I'm the real B.O.B. and I do not approve of BOB 1 or 2
I’m the real B.O.B. and I don’t approve of BOB 1 or 2
Double your fun, double your pain...
Double your fun, double your pain…

AH-HA! The evil robots spring to life and war is waged. This is one of the coolest boss fights ever. Once disposed of both BOBs (remember their torsos flying around?)… it ain’t quite over yet…









Uh oh… you knew it couldn’t be THAT easy, and you were right! [I always am -Ed.]



I have fond memories of watching Brian and Bryce tackle this titantic tin of terror. Back in ’92 this literally blew our minds and EVEN today it still impresses.

This is one of the most memorable and classic sights from gaming history. It was stunning then and remains an epic experience even to this very day, nearly 25 years later.

"Hey buddy, ever heard of LISTERINE?"
“Hey buddy, ever heard of LISTERINE?”

Robo-Breath fires homing lasers from his eyes and also does one mean Godzilla impersonation. What a perfect boss — it was gorgeous yet grotesque!

This is what gaming is all about
This is what gaming is all about

Pelting him like no tomorrow is utterly satisfying. Watching his whole body flash and waiting until the last possible second to get the hell outta dodge. Climb to the top, drop down and repeat. It was as intense as it was epic. Konami FTW again.











When Robo-Corpse bites the dust, he REALLY bites the dust. The very thing that gave him “life” so to speak is the same thing that swipes his head clean off… a fitting end to an unforgettable boss encounter. Konami were freakin’ maestros in this domain, bar none.

"Would you like Gigafries with that?"
“Would you like Gigafries with that?”



No rest for the wicked, but thankfully you’re able to give your weary legs a break as you leap aboard a hovering motorcycle (like the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi). Psycho Cyclers attempt to cut your quest short with a few well-placed grenades.

ProTip: Stay to the far left
ProTip: Stay to the far left

You’ll be attacked both on the ground and in the air. Thankfully you can leap above your motorcycle and not worry about becoming roadkill — they will automatically move under you because of their advanced rider-tracking system. It makes for one intense, fast-moving, action-packed level.

PS2's Contra: Shattered Soldier replicated this
PS2’s Contra: Shattered Soldier replicated this bit

A gigantic battleship flies just above you as it rains down a parade of laser beams. Lock your position and let ‘er rip! Later, a bomb is dropped that engulfs the entire road, so make sure to time your jump well. One split nanosecond off and you’re fried.

Talk about having fire in your eyes
Talk about having fire in your eyes

This strange looking mid-boss can be somewhat unpredictable, swinging his legs around wildly and even charging at our hero. The longer you let it live, the more erratic his pattern seems to grow.


After catching a lift on a helicopter, Slash comes to greet ya. He’s pretty tough, attacking with a sword and throwing shuriken-like blades.

Not even Chuck Norris stands a chance
Not even Chuck Norris stands a chance
... is right. Another epic boss battle in the books, folks
… is right. Another epic boss battle in the books
Once again Sully is nowhere to be found...
Once again Sully is nowhere to be found…


I like how the overhead levels lets you pick where to start
I like how you can pick where your starting point is

The Mucho Grande Badlands (what a funky name) is a return in concept to level two’s Maria Calderon Highway. Players must gun down five enemy entrances while avoiding mutant insects and crossing precariously thin strips of land and collapsing bridges.


Shifting sand ain't bad -- it's the swirly ones I hate!
Shifting sand ain’t bad — it’s the swirly ones I hate!

On easy mode he can be finished with the laser gun in literally under 10 seconds. But on Hard… YEAH. Good luck…

JIMBO: The Lone Planetary Defender
JIMBO: The Lone Planetary Defender


Many foul creatures await
Many foul creatures await

This is it. The last stand. The final whistle, if you will. Better stock up on bombs…

Awesome mini-boss. They don't make 'em like they used to!
Epic enemy. They don’t make ‘em like they used to!

Who could ever forget this monstrosity from the NES game? I used to call him the “Long Neck Alien Monster.”  My brother, Uncle Jimmy and I loved killing this guy. When I think of Contra, this parasite here is always the very first bad guy that comes to mind. He blew our minds back in ’88 and he wasn’t even a boss! Remember how you stood at the edge of that wretched pillar there, blasting away at his jaw while your buddy took care of the shrimp? I know you do. I know I do. There are video game enemies that you remember for life. This is one of them.


In a true nod to the fans if there ever was one, Konami resurrected the nasty Para-Slug for Contra III, once more serving as Red Falcon’s “mini-boss” terror in the game’s final stage. He’s not quite as intimidating and menacing as he was in his first appearance, but he still looks pretty dang cool.

Konami no doubt loved the ALIEN films
Konami no doubt loved the ALIEN films

Speaking of knowing and appreciating one’s history, remember the last stage in the NES game? That decrepit alien lair littered with scorpion-spiders and abominable parasites? Let’s see how they do it 16-bit style…

Well it's very similar here -- only 10 times more intense!
It’s very similar here — only 10 times more intense!
Nearly 30 years and Contra's heartbeat still resonates
Nearly 30 years and Contra‘s heartbeat still resonates

Here’s another classic sight seared into our memory banks. It’s the final boss from NES Contra, that vile beating heart of Red Falcon! Nothing quite satisfied like pumping that organ full of lead until it exploded unmercifully! Ahhh, just thinking about it warms the heart (no pun intended). Really hard to fathom it’s almost been 30 years, no?

Konami with another nod to the fans
Konami with another nod to the fans

I love seeing the old memorable baddies from NES Contra resurrected for this 16-bit sequel. Although this is a neat design in its own right, the NES one I have to say was that much more memorable. Still, it’s a most welcomed sight indeed.

I love how the heart flashes with each shot it takes
I love how the heart flashes with each shot it takes

Talk about a hell of a heart attack [Tsk tsk -Ed.]
Talk about a hell of a heart attack [Tsk -Ed.]
You thought at first you had saved the world but a pesky feeling kept gnawing at you as you stood there admiring your handiwork. And just up ahead the sinister path, you got your answer…






Suddenly the landscape changes to an even more rotten state. The ground rumbles madly and from the rubble comes forth a truly horrific monster!


He’s easier than he looks. When he rushes you, be ready to jump onto his spider-like legs. You can even catch a lift up top. When he lets his guard down, aim for his face and don’t hold back.

Red Falcon's final line of defense
Red Falcon’s final line of defense

The fourth and final mini-boss, the Vicious Slave Hawk, can be a bit of a bitch if you don’t have the flamethrower.

You've hit the motherload, Jimbo
You’ve hit the motherload, Jimbo

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. What a spectacular sight for sore eyes this was and still is.

You don't know what, but something bad is happening
“This can’t possibly be good…”

How astute an observation on your cunning part, Jimbo. Who needs college, eh?


Here are a few examples of his offensive attacks. The Russian Roulette manner is pretty neat. Never know what form you’ll get and it makes fighting this final boss slightly different each time.

"Oh damn, it's DEFINITELY a male..."
“Oh damn, it’s DEFINITELY a male…”

I like this one. It’s got a nice look. He moves pretty fast so don’t get too greedy in shooting him down. Pick your spots and move along accordingly with him so you don’t get squashed!

Kinda looks like a sinister starfish
Kinda looks like a sinister starfish
But wait a second, what's this?
All is clear and safe, right? Uh, sure…

WOO HOO, you saved the universe — job well done, soldier. Now… GET TO DA CHOPPA!


In typical classic sci-fi and horror movie style, the bad guy comes back for one last stand. This only happens on Hard, and it is only on Hard that you can get the real ending.

Good luck Donald Trump and America...
Good luck Donald Trump and America…

"Jimbo, let's blow his brains out!"  [HA HA HA -Ed.]
“Let’s blow his brains out!”  [HA HA HA -Ed.]
Some lovely black and white photos are shown in the real ending.

Mad Dog and Scorpion would have been proud
Mad Dog and Scorpion would be proud


Who could ever forget this?
Up up, down down, LEFT RIGHT OUTTA THE GAME!

Don’t bother looking for the infamous Konami code in the US version of Contra III because it doesn’t exist. If you really want to cheat, and I could understand why — the game’s blasted difficult as heck on Normal or higher, then you’ll need a Game Genie.

Game Genie Cheats:

Infinite Lives (on side-scrolling levels):  22BB-AD01
Infinite Lives (on top-down levels):  22BB-6F0B + 6DBB-64DB
Infinite Bombs (on side-scrolling levels):  2264-D760
Infinite Bombs (on top-down levels):  22B8-0766


For a change, the US cover is 10 times better
For a change, the US cover is 10 times better

That is refreshing, indeed. The Super Famicom box art is infamous for sporting a very striking Arnold lookalike. The Super Famicom version is titled Contra Spirits and has a 30 lives code (but is not done in the traditional Konami fashion). Unlike other US conversions (such as Super Castlevania IV), not much has been censored to the best of my knowledge. The US effort is by and large the exact same game as the Japanese one, except the US version is a bit more difficult to say the least. Contra Spirits gives you infinite continues, plus you can see the real ending on Normal not Hard as it is with Contra III.

The UK called Contra III Super Probotector
The UK called Contra III “Super Probotector”
It's still relatively the same exact game...
It’s still relatively the same exact game…
... except the heroes are robots rather than humans
… except the heroes are robots rather than humans


And what's that, playa?
And what’s that, playa?
Yeah, that works
Yeah, that works


Who could forget the Demon that guarded the top of the Waterfalls?
Who could ever forget this mechanical monstrosity?

Throughout gaming’s history we have seen some amazing, mind-blowing bosses. Screen filling demons and monsters that ruled our living room,  leaving us speechless upon sight and utterly pleased as we watched them crumble after a hard fought battle. Indeed, few companies had the magic touch that Konami had. Their bosses are simply the stuff legends (and nightmares) are made of.

Mutagen gone horribly wrong!
Mutagen gone horribly wrong!

Thankfully, Contra III continued Konami’s masterful tradition. From the very first boss, that menacing mutant snapping turtle, bursting out of the bloody walls, you were sure of two things. One, you would never forget the image. And two, Konami still had it. They still had that magic touch. The first thing that comes to mind whenever someone mentions Konami are the many memorable bosses the firm has produced over the years.

The "Transformers" boss from NES Contra was a hell of a sight
The “Transformers” boss from NES Contra was sick







God I loved the ’80s…

The '90s were pretty rad, too
The early-mid ’90s was special, too
Thanks Konami for making those years extra memorable
Thanks Konami for making that time extra enjoyable


#8 on EGM's Top 100 List issue #100  (Nov. 1997)
#8 on EGM’s Top 100. Issue #100 (November 1997)

Contra III: The Alien Wars was destined for instant classic status the moment it hit game stores nationwide back in good ol’ 1992. Fans of the previous games and game reviewers everywhere ate it up. To this day, with as many Contra incarnations as there are, many still cite Contra III as being the very best Contra game of all. Mighty high praise indeed, considering the franchise had more than its fair share of stellar games.

  • EGM: 9, 9, 9, 9
  • Super Play: 90%



From the very start players enter a post apocalyptic war torn universe overran with alien forces. From blowing up cars and towers to hitching rides on tanks and braving through a flame-engulfed section, the stage is set beautifully for one epic, intense action fest. The graphics are often impressive and at times they are truly spectacular. The music is brilliant, with an excellent mixture of metallic guitars and big orchestral pieces. The sampled grunts and screams complement the on screen mayhem. It’s everything you hope 16-bit Contra would be and more.


Perhaps the best thing about Contra III is the same quality that made the first Contra so damn good. Crisp, smooth and intense action that lets you run and gun with a buddy. There’s something really cool (and fun) about strapping on your boots, teaming up with a pal and taking on evil forces that outnumber you by the hundreds. Contra III plays and controls like a dream. It is truly well deserving of all the hype and praise that’s been thrown its way over the past quarter century!

Konami delivers an instant 16-bit classic
Konami delivers yet another instant 16-bit classic

There are so many improvements over the NES game and that was already a great game to begin with! For starters, the smart bomb brings a certain back pocket security card to the table. Then you have the ability to carry two different weapons at once. The current weapon you’re holding is gone when you die. In a hairy situation you can even pause the game to switch! You can also fire both guns at once. In addition, they resurrected some old sights and baddies as a nod to the fans. There’s more strategy here than ever before. And let’s not forget about that handy lock feature. The different difficulty levels cater to players of varying skill. Contra III has got both style and substance.

The mind is a terrib -- terrific thing to waste!
The mind is a terrible, nay, TERRIFIC thing to waste!

The gameplay is still classic Contra, except now 10 times as intense. With two players it’s simply an unbeatable experience. I only wish it were a level or two longer. Breathtaking boss battles, memorable mini bosses, awesome set pieces, amazing atmosphere, smooth-as-hell run and gun gameplay, impressive graphics and sound to match — what more could you ask for? It’s a short game but I find myself coming back for more, and often. Contra III deserves all the hype it gets. A level or two short of perfection, this ain’t your Uncle Jimmy’s Contra — it’s even better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to saving the world and blasting some alien ass. BOO YAH!

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 9.5
Longevity: 9

Overall: 9.5

Double Gold Award
Double Gold Award




"We think we're a 10 but we'll take the 9.5!"
“We think we’re a 10 but hey, we’ll take the 9.5!”

“Thanks for the top score, mate!”

“Hey, we earned it!”

“I only have one last thing to say…

… GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!!”